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DVD+R and DVD-R; What was that about?

We're really looking at the plusses and minuses of this whole ordeal...
Links to referenced videos are down here, too! So I don't wanna hear any complaints about cards not working, ok?

The DVD-RAM video

The SD logo video

The PlayStation video

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Crazmuss : Wasn't it imposible to write additional data on -R after first burn?
Dubayy Uae : have to disagree, i use to buy packs of 100's of dvd+ and Dvd- i would throw away about 30% of the dvd- and maybe 1% of the dvd+ i even changed drives, brands, and found that the + was always way more reliable.
Daniel Mann : I have to say, my favorite part is your bloopers. You should post an uncut video sometime.
Peteris Krumings : 11:38 if I remember correctly, there were differences between DVD-R and DVD+R and compability with standalone dvd players, it was recommended to use DVD-R media.
Chris558576 : I vaguely remember having some old computer that would only write its backup images to +R. It was a software thing, not because of the writing hardware.

Electronics Information : What Is DVD-RW?

A DVD-RW is a rewritable DVD that can be overwritten hundreds of times before it should be replaced. Use a DVD-RW to backup volatile files with helpful information from a digital lifestyle specialist in this free video on electronics.

Expert: Rokosz
Contact: www.WeAreHDTV.com
Bio: Rokosz "Your Digital Lifestyle Expert" has been using digital devices ever since they've been invented.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
G G : sorry.. but this was absolutely useless... so much talk and not one penny worth of proper info.
Dave King : @Aibellanson100 your dvd drive doesnt support dvd rw discs
HaKsDubStep : i have DVDxRW is the x means times :o
Mensa Cadogan : can u burn movies on a DVD-RW ?
GERMANLOVER7000 : why when i record a program for 1 hour...it stop at the 17th minute(dvd-rw)....it suppose to last for years.

Asus external slim DVD-RW [SDRW-08D2S-U LITE] unboxing + start up

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M RP : Hi there! i just get this product, but i cant realize why the 2 usb ports...? for what?
Aron Castilo : Can I watch my dvd movies in my laptop if I use it?
Shubhanker rao : Windows 10 compatible?
Zhi Ru : Does it work on television?
Cu Nt : Can you burn dvds?


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