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SMV -- Stanley Clarke & Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten

Live 2009 Jazz Festival Vitoria-Gastetz
JB24 Speaks : In 30 years people are going to be like Victor Who? He's great but I don't think being an entertianer and musician can immortalize people the way it did for composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart...etc.
jazzfunkyman69 : My favorite is Marcus Miller because i grew up with his wonderful music and productions thanks for this GEM
Twsuf1 : They were too afraid to invite Pepe Bao
Sam Iam : Absolutely Bad Asses Bassists the whole lot just missing the one and only Magical Joco.
Seb Cabezas : Stanley is freaking huge, his bass looks like a ukelele.

Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten (SMV) - Thunder

Live at Festival de Jazz de Vitoria 2009\r
Victor Wooten\r
Stanley Clarke \r
Marcus Miller
Alexandre Foin :
Kim Tomkins : 3 of the best! love this video. Cant say so much for the crowd.
Clever Gabancho : Wooten está un paso adelante...
Doyle Carver : where or when will you see anything like this? enjoy.

S.M.V. - Thunder

S.M.V. - Thunder
Miguel Bernal : Legends!!!
Ba. Si0n : love
Der Svenson : So dope when your High 10/10
James Pearson : God's of Thunder
David Sanchez : I wanna play the bass line, just not sure which one lol




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